A typical day of eating!!


February 2, 2013 by 43andfatfree and RobertRoyston.net

Ok, so many of you have text me, emailed me or just called to ask what I have done eating wise! Like did I cut out sugar, dairy, flour… blah blah blah. The answer is I haven’t done any extreme diet. I know many of those work but eventually you will want to put that stuff back in your diet and then POOF the weight is back. So I thought I would tell you what a typical day looks like food wise.  Breakfast: Instant Oatmeal with a scoop of BarnDads DX Fiber, and maybe 1 soft boiled egg.  Morning snack (after gym most days): Iced Green tea unsweetened and a bag of cashews from Starbucks.  Lunch: 1 Can Hormel chili with beans and I add a lil more hot sauce and a can of mushrooms.  Snack: Protein bar, or 6 dried plums, or Beef Jerky of some kind.  Dinner: 2 Boca Burgers or sometimes one real meat burger, on whole grain flat bread, with cheese and ketchup or hot sauce and a Vodka/soda water and lemon to drink.  Late Night Snack: 2 handfuls of peanuts, or weight watchers lemon cakes, or a chocolate protein shake. Side note: I drink 3 glasses of green tea a day, I drink no sweetened drinks, even fruit juices just lots of tea and water LOL and occasionally black coffee. All this being said if I want pizza I eat pizza, or ice cream or crackers and cheese and so on and so on… I deprive myself nothing to eat if I really want it.  Last night it was Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Tarantellas!!! Hope this helps you all  -43FF    

6 thoughts on “A typical day of eating!!

  1. Phyllis Loya says:

    Just wanted to say this was a very interesting read and a mental boost for those of who struggle with weight issues. Your family history and dynamics was insightful and it is wonderful that your mom and sis have been successful in their weight loss and improved health. Thank you for sharing with us your journey and what a support your family has been to each other.

  2. 43andfatfree says:

    Ok so I have had 5 people today send messages saying that there may be some “Holes” in my diet… What I put up here was just one day, there are plenty of other things that I eat… chicken, carrots, green beans, spinach, eggs, tomato soup blah blah blah. Anyway please dont take that menu as a “Thats all I eat” post hahaha love you all and love the interest you are all showing!!

  3. Tal says:

    Try slow-cooked steel-cut oatmeal instead of instant – the instant has a pretty high glycemic index. You can cook up a big batch at the beginning of the week and refrigerate, then nuke a portion for breakfast. I find it keeps me full for much longer than the instant.

  4. Laura Donna says:

    Pistachios are the new cashews. Tempeh is great protein if you don’t mind the sour/fermented taste….satisfying mouthfeel, more to gnaw on than tofu and lacks downsides of soy (estrogenic effects etc.). The arsenic in brown rice issue (Consumer Reports was all over it) was quite a bummer, so I got tested for it and not so bad…but I stick with basmati and jasmine…NOT California rice. Jerkey’s good, sept for the nitrates. Consumers March 2013 issue ranks highest these brands: Oh Boy Oberto Original, Pacific Gold Original (Costco) and Market Pantry Original (Target).for flavor. If you want to avoid the nitrates go with the Oh Boy Oberto, Pacivid Gold, Trader Joes and 365 Everyday Value Organic (Whole Foods). Too bad hard boiled eggs smell so bad… Sometimes I buy dried peas or other legumes at an Asian grocery, they crunch just like junk food. There may be some hidden oils in there, but still, a better deal than chips.

  5. […] Can Hormel turkey chili with beans and I add a lil more hot sauce and a can of mushrooms.  Snack: Protein bar, or 6 dried plums, or Beef Jerky of some kind.  Dinner: 2 Boca Burgers or sometimes one real meat […]

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