Some other diets I have tried and worked… Kinda


February 6, 2013 by 43andfatfree and

I love the response I am getting from this blog and I have had many of you send me messages that you have become inspired to lose a few pounds yourself!!! Awesome!!! Also many of you are sending me thoughts on different diets that you have tried and loved. I want to tell you I have tried a number of them… Atkins, Slim Fast, Jenny Craig, South Beach etc etc… also quick fixes like the cabbage soup diet, Juice fasting diet, 3 day cleanse etc etc… LOL and to some extent they all worked! The problem is they were never a life changer for me. What I mean by that is none of them were a diet I would want to live the rest of my life doing. I stop the diet and the weight always came right back.  So if you want to eat high protein low carb forever great, or cut sugar out forever great!!! But I cant do that… I need a system of eating that fits into a regular life filled with travel. So I have to be able to eat at restaurants, I like my wine, vodka, whisky and so on, and I like dessert every once in awhile. Now some of you say “yes but you can do that a little on all those other diets”, and I say to you “Maybe you can” you see if its GONE from my diet completely and then I try to have a little now and then I end up binge eating! So what I have done is taken to eating 6-7 times a day with smaller portions, upped my fiber, drink 3 glass green tea a day, workout 5 days a week, take a multi vitamin, and eat smart… but if I crave pizza I’ll have pizza, even two days in a row LOL but because I’m not CUTTING anything out completely I don’t feel the need to hide from it, or gorge when I decide to eat it. I have said this a few times in this blog, but I’ll say it again what I am doing works for me and its simple calories in calories out kinda thing. I am getting into the best shape of my life and its taken me almost a year. So for the first time its slow and steady! I have not lost more then 3lbs in a week and that was only the first week last April since then its 1-2lbs a week and now really no weight loss just re-shaping. Have a great weekend and do something every morning as soon as you get up to get your heart rate going!!! Start that calorie burning early! Peace -43FF

One thought on “Some other diets I have tried and worked… Kinda

  1. marciaw77 says:

    I love diets that fit into your life! That’s really the way to make it life lasting. Go Robert!

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