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April 25, 2013 by 43andfatfree and

So I had a whole dysmorphia blog I wanted to post about, how what we see in the mirror is different then what others may see… Blah Blah Blah. But that will have to wait because now I have to vent!! LOL

I was in the gym today and a newbie to the gym asked if I liked the personal trainer I have… I said he’s amazing and told him about my weight loss journey. I even showed him my “Heavy pics” then he said… wait for it… “You were so lucky to start fat, its so much easier to get into shape then when you are skinny! I mean there are only so many calories a day I can eat!” WHAT!!!!!! Now mind you he is 6′ tall 180, and says he has a 32″ waist so he isn’t like waif skinny… he is what most people would call “Normal” He went on to say, “Thank God you dont have my problem, where my high metabolism prevents me from gaining mass easy” again WHAT!!!!!! I thought I was being punked… this is surely a prank… but no he was for real. It was all I could do not to lose it on him! I did say, “Well I will have to disagree with you sir. It is much harder to lose weight then to gain in my opinion for many reasons, but here are 2. 1) most people are over weight because of emotional reasons i.e. depression eating, boredom eating, stress eating… Most skinny people (Not all so dont jump on me about anorexia and so on) aren’t skinny because they have emotional issues that stop them from eating. 2) The world doesn’t judge skinny people the same way. Its so hard to even start the weight loss journey when just going to the gym wondering what people will think about how you look and what your wearing is stressing you out so much that you don’t wanna go to the gym you wanna go to Mc’ds. Or walk your skinny ass on the beach nobody says a word. But OMG the beach is such a scary place for the over weight!!!” 

Well after saying all this, all he could say was “We have to agree to disagree, I don’t buy into the emotional weight theory its just laziness in my opinion” WHAT!!! (ok thats my last WHAT) I will finish buy saying I hate stupid people… I will also add it is hard for some small people to put on weight and I don’t want to minimize their journey at all… Its just different and all you have to do is look at society and the media. Fat stigma and issues are perceived differently then skinny stigma. 

Im done for the day

xoxo 43FF

3 thoughts on “Skinny vs fat

  1. Pam0284 says:

    Robert I totally agree that guy at the gym was an idiot to say that to you. But here’s another perspective. People have never understood how hard it is to GAIN weight. I have been struggling with this for so long and since everyone in the world has the OPPOSITE problem, no one can relate to me – they’d rather just feel disdain for me. I am busy,stressed, and usually don’t have the energy or desire to figure out where to get good food fast. Most easily accessible food is terrible for you. Growing up people assumed or would ask if I was anorexic, which would make me so mad because I was NOT. It is hard to force food down your stomach when it hurts and you DON’T want to. Now that I’m older I have acid reflux and sometimes that makes me nauseous or not want to eat certain types of food. It’s also an emotional issue for me – if I’m depressed or stressed, I lose my appetite and do NOT want to eat. My energy drops and then my mood drops, and I get even more tired and LESS inclined to shop or cook. Dancing is hard for me… I used to have to stop in the middle of lindy dances because I’d be about to pass out. But where to get food at 11 at night when everything is closed? I also want to work out to get in shape for dance, but I have a problem of not eating enough prior to have the energy to get through the workout without getting lightheaded or feeling awful. I had a personal trainer help me recently, he told me that I was malnourished and really need to eat enough (1 hour) prior to working out and kept on top of me about my food. Honestly part of it IS laziness, because in order to make this work I have to shop for the right foods, plan all my meals out in advance, make smoothies, bring small containers of snack foods around with me everywhere… to dance, or anywhere I might be up late without access to something to eat… it’s such a pain, and I’m a lazy skinny person and do not want to do it. Those are the same things overweight folks would have to do… shop right, and plan meals to eat at specific times. But I can tell you it is hard, I have cried tears over this… I would give anything to have more energy!!! So I understand the difficulty of losing once you’re heavy – I guess I just can’t understand why it wouldn’t be easier for people to not have to hassle with food at all. Speaking of, it’s 11:30am and all I’ve had is a bowl of oatmeal, I have to go cook now or I won’t make it another hour without getting super tired again. Guh!!!!

    • 43andfatfree says:

      Pam I understand there is another side to this coin! I have many friends that struggle with gaining! Society isn’t kind to really skinny people either I understand! But you only have to be a little overweight to be judge as Fat and lazy. The average person or slightly skinny person garners no negative judgment from society as a whole. U only have to look at blogs/magazines/news shows to see this to be true. So that’s what I was venting about. I feel for you and your feelings are WAY valid. I’m also sorry society has ever made you feel “less then” people who are “hard gainers” and people who are “over weight” share a commonality… Weight is a constant pressure on their mind!! Have a great Sunday and I’m sending you hugs!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’ve just stumbled on to your blog from your FB post and started reading some of the older post. In the last 30 days I have started an aggressive journey to fight the fat and get my weight down. I’m now in the gym six days a week. I so appreciate you sharing these thoughts about going to the gym. I commented to my wellness coach “where do the fat people workout?” because I felt so self-conscious about being the only one there 60lbs over weight. I also had a close friend call me lazy and I took that to heart and wondered if it were true. Now that I’m eating every three hours and eating the right things, I know I’m not lazy at all. I was like a car with no fuel so of course I didn’t feel like going to the gym and cooking every night. I’m amazed at the difference. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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