Been awhile!!!


July 28, 2013 by 43andfatfree and

Sorry been so long since I posted!!! Update: 175lbs 29′ waist feeling very fit!! I got down to 170 but added some muscle and a lil fat back hahaha but working hard! Here is my Sunday morning
20 pull ups
100 jumping jacks
100 push ups
20 sprints up front porch stairs
10min speed jump roping

Hope you all have a productive fat free day!!


4 thoughts on “Been awhile!!!

  1. Lisa says:

    you are so inspiring a month ago I began my own journey, in preparation for my 43rd I am touched; by your courage, to openly speak of your emotional connection to food (taboo topic); your resolve, to change your mind; your honesty, in discussing the self-sabotaging pit falls you have encountered and how you manage and recoup it is wonderful to be among so many inspiring caring and giving individuals within this community, where one journey inspires and validates another this life decision requires support and encouragement thank you

  2. Bryan Purtell says:

    Do you ever use a trampoline in your exercises?

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  3. Wendy says:

    On rocky road just now & need assistance, remembered you & it’s thank you again, feel better for looking over messages & comments, it does what it says on the tin…helps others. Thanks again x

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