things you can do now


August 29, 2013 by 43andfatfree and

So a lot of people keep asking me what I’m doing and I ask if they have read the blog LOL to which they say “well we glanced over it”… so ok here are some quickies again:

100 Push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks every morning

5-6 small meals a day

and I eat 40g of fiber a day

here is a fiber clip I like people to see as well

One thought on “things you can do now

  1. Brendan says:

    Add a $40 chin-up bar, and some resistance bands ($20-30), and you can get a heck of a workout. Also do some air squats to get a bit more quad and hamstring involvement than the jumping jacks offer, and you’ve got a killer workout. 3 times a week of this can really make a huge difference to a person’s physique.

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