I’m back!!!


February 27, 2014 by 43andfatfree and RobertRoyston.net

SOOOOOOOOO I have been a bad boy and haven’t posted in quite awhile!!

Its been a crazy year some good some bad and of course with the bad comes the ever struggle to not stress eat! I have fallen off the wagon a few times, never more then putting back on about 10lbs. But believe me its easy to put on and a huge pain to take off.  But I am back at 170lbs and feeling strong and empowered to once again find a new place in my journey to change my body. My current goal is a visible six pack… I know I know “it shouldn’t be about that, it should be about being healthy… and I’ve already gotten to a point where I am in good shape” I have had many people I’ve spoken the “Six Pack Dream” to say those words and they are right… BUT I can dream LOL. So I’m back and will be posting more in the up and coming days and weeks. New foods I’m eating, how GNC has become like a supermarket to me hahaha, and other fun stories of living “43 and fat free” OH that reminds me 44 is just around the corner, maybe by my birthday in April I can hit my new goal HMMMMMMMMM?? Sounds like a challenge for myself. Anyway thanks for all the kind words over the last 2 years I’m glad you all have enjoyed my journey, and I love hearing yours. So if your out there fighting the fat fight, keep it up and stay strong, know that if you ever need words of encouragement I’m here for ya!!  Till next time -43&FF 

One thought on “I’m back!!!

  1. Chris Lo says:

    You’re an inspiration to me on and off the dance floor.

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