An idea of what I eat in a day


March 13, 2014 by 43andfatfree and

So this past weekend a number of people asked me to update my daily meal plan… well it changes a lot but I thought I would give you a day in the life of my food LOL

Morning: 2 Hardboiled eggs, tablespoon peanut butter. Some days Oatmeal, but depends on workout plan for the day

Post work out: 50g whey protein shot, Ostrim jerky, or protein bar

Lunch options: Chili, beef stew, brown rice with kale and mushrooms, or Chicken Rice bowl. It’s my heaviest meal but somewhere in the meal I would add BarnDads Dx fiber

Snack: Whey protein shake, 2 handfuls Wasabi Almonds mixed with sesame sticks, or a piece of fruit

Dinner:  Large baked Sweet Potato with Olive Oil and a pinch salt with side of Kale and mushrooms with garlic or Polenta with dark greens, veggie sausage with mushrooms and peppers or some kind of chicken or fish with quinoa. I’ll post more dinner stuff later… Like my favorite pasta dishes

Bedtime: Casein vanilla protein shake with BarnDads Dx Fiber and Kale added

So my general daily goals:

170g protein (1g for every pound of body weight)

35-40g fiber (I use BarnDads Dx and buy fiber one bars)

Eat Kale, Collard Greens, or Spinach 5x a week at least if not daily

I take a multi vitamin mega pack everyday as well

So there you have it… an idea of what a typical day looks like!

Next post will be more about supplements!

3 thoughts on “An idea of what I eat in a day

  1. Ayaz says:

    What do you do when you are traveling (Dance events for Eg?) do you brownbag all your food?

    • 43andfatfree says:

      I do bring food for sure! Packets of Instant oatmeal I can make in room, protein bars, almonds, I bring my fiber powder and protein powder in zip locks… Also a jar of peanut butter and a spoon lol

  2. Ayaz says:

    Thanks for sharing Robert!

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