the shirt pull

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March 28, 2014 by 43andfatfree and

the shirt pull

Been reflecting a lot on the last 2 years of fitness and the past 20 of yoyo dieting LOL. I have started to notice that there are still things I do today that I did when I was heavy. For instance sitting on the couch when people are over and taking a throw pillow and placing it over my stomach so nobody will see my fat… or the shirt pull!! You know when you take one or both hands and put them in your shirt making a fist and pulling down and off your stomach. This was a classic and dates back to when I was in high school, in hopes of showing off my chest and arms but not letting the fact I had a belly show. I thought it was just me, but after a few conversations with some guys at the gym I found out that most of the guys not only did the shirt pull but also thought they were the only ones doing it LOL. The thing is I still find myself doing these today! It’s so hard when you have lived so much of your life trying to find ways to hide your stomach… The hours you spent figuring out how maybe, just maybe you can go to the pool party and not be embarrassed. Do I wear my shirt tucked or un-tucked, pattern or no pattern, pleats or no pleats UGH the stress of it all! But now there is no need for me to do those things and I will slowly get rid of the habits…
So I guess I felt the need to write this to say to you all still out there struggling that I get it… I Really Really Get It!!! Also that your not alone in your stress… my workout partner who does the “shirt pull” said to me just talking about it and knowing that other guys are doing or have done the same thing and feeling the same way seemed to help him. Now no more pillows over stomachs or pulling down the shirts, its time to work… Exercise, and eat right. Till next time

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