Getting Re-Started: Self/Health/Wealth

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August 24, 2016 by 43andfatfree and

IMG_0520I hate that I feel like my life is a never ending… LETS START AGAIN… when it comes to weight loss!! I lost 30lbs a few years ago and have only put back on 10lbs. But still.. its so frustrating that I can’t eat like some people do and not gain weight!!! Ok enough of that excuse and feel sorry crap… NO EXCUSES!!! I have let my old ways of… Stress Eating sneak back in since Nov of last year! Ill go into my life journey in my next post, but for now its about getting a grip on Self, Health, and wealth!! I can’t change whats been done I can only learn and move forward! Today’s workout on my back deck was amazing and inspiring. followed by 15min of meditation and of course my weekly therepist call (normally I go see her but she’s away haha thank god for Skype) now onto bill paying…. SELF, HEALTH, AND WEALTH!! attack your day everyone!!!

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