Today was a stress eating win LOL


September 5, 2016 by 43andfatfree and

So today was an especially stressful day… no need for details because that is not what this post is about. You see today was one of those days I would have normally eaten lots of food that I shouldn’t be eating!!! I even went to the store a few times and came close to buying… chips, cake, ice cream lol and then ready to head home and binge watch “Rules of Engagement” on Netflix while over eating… but then I watched this clip from Louis CK and thought I can just live in this moment of stress and face it head on. THEN… I walked away from food today… At least bad for me food lol! So today was a weight loss win!! For those of you out there that are stress eaters… I GET IT!! But every once in awhile give yourself a win and walk away from the snacks. After the first time it gets easier… I am told hahaha

Stay fit!!!

ps Here is the clip

3 thoughts on “Today was a stress eating win LOL

  1. I love that clip, it is so true. As a dancer who had a baby late in the game, there are these moments (especially when I have a break from the baby) that I fill with bad food and then suffer the consequences of later when I can’t create the image I want to exude in my dancing because my body is swollen from the salty potato chips and other chemicals they put in over processed foods – foods that feel SO healing in the sad moment but inevitably ruin my better moments when I’m feeling better and trying to accomplish a goal.

  2. That’s a great way to phrase it, Taryn! I work in a job that is all stress all day long, and for no good reason. There are days when the chocolate chip cookies win, but there are days when I remember that they will make it that much harder to achieve dance and fitness goals.

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