Name change and trying to start back up!


August 28, 2018 by 43andfatfree and

Hi everyone!!!

Been a long time! So I’m trying these days to fight my inner demons that lead me always to food. I’d say I’m doing pretty good but really need to kick it into high gear. I have 10lbs or so that I really can’t seem to get rid of… and I know why… my diet has been off, my stress leveled are high, and my therapist has been on a 3 week vacation (that’s funny… cause it’s true) so dealing with the waves that come with depression has been a lil harder.

Anyway I’m excited to get moving again and feel like the blog was such a help before. The only thing is I think I need to change the name Hahahaha what are your thoughts on RoRo’sReps. I’m doing that a lil on my YouTube Channel. I feel like since I’m not 43 anymore it’s time to change…

I’ll keep you posted on name and of course on my journey. I hope you all get inspired today and do something for yourself! I personally am gonna eat better today and then again tomorrow… wish me luck and stay fit!!

Much love -RoRo

One thought on “Name change and trying to start back up!

  1. I too have a complicated relationship with food. Some days it is a healthy one, for my body and mind and spirit, but more often I use food to medicate/sedate/nurture/avoid. There is no one solution but you are wise to talk, write and dance about it. How about Dancing with Food for your new name?
    Thanks for all the lessons, exhibitions, performances and your humor and big heart. Be good to yourself.
    P.S. I read Michael Pollan’s books on food and recently Jason Fung’s Obesity Code has been useful.

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