If your on this blog its probably because you already know a little about me. If you need to know more go to my FB fan page or robertroyston.com. Other then that I am a yo yo dieter who comes from a family with people who have had weight problems and I want to share my “Weight History” In hopes of me better understanding it and maybe helping someone else along the way!!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Robert, I knew you were looking more healthy and fitter when I see you at dance events but I didn’t know you were blogging about your journey. So am I. I’m here on WordPress too. My blog is http://www.txcowboydancer.com

    Congrats on your progress so far and keep up the good work!

  2. Shana Weeks says:

    I like the idea of text support. I’ve been trying to lose that last 22lbs. for over a year and getting no where. I don’t like twelve step programs. I have some stuff to share that might help us all which I will add later. You might remember me as one of Randy Shotts’ amateurs from the late 1990s. Can’t afford to dance like I used to. Am also coming back from a knee replacement. My goal is to get in shape for the 2016 Portland Dance Festival. One more dance with you is not a bad goal either! Now that Doug Silton is here in Portland, maybe we will see you here, and if I start saving my pennies, I might be able to attend. I believe I am capable of being a non-pattern swing dancer! Did you see Mary Ann Nunez’ post of her and Mario- stunningly beautiful. Also Gary McIntyre and his partner doing the pro exhibition in Moscow- it seemed to me like a fusion of contemporary and west coast. I’ve never seen anything quite like it- also stunningly beautiful. Now for the hard part: I weigh 183.5lbs. My goal is 160. Boy, that is hard to see in print. Some perspective: at 150, I start looking boney. I admit to my weight because when I was dealing with anxiety, admitting it when it happened helped. I hated that, but as soon as I said it out loud, I felt better. One last thing: I have a Master’s degree in Counseling, so with a combination of support and knowledge, let’s get this thing done!

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