What do you do for yourself… Daily?

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August 24, 2017 by 43andfatfree and RobertRoyston.net

I’ve been so back and fourth these last few months… 5lbs down… 5lbs up ugh so frustrating right!?!?

So recently I’ve been asking my self why. Why do I self sabotage? 

Well I don’t have all my answers but one that I keep coming back too is that I don’t give my self enough time to really breathe. On days I take even just 5min to STOP, breathe, take in the sun, or at night look at the moon and the stars. Maybe sip some green tea, listen to a meditative song… or whatever! Those days seem to be more productive and I seem to have more will power with food! At this point I need to Self-parent better and tell the kid in me that turns to food when stressed, that taking a moment and taking in the goodness around me can be the best thing for my weight loss. 

Anyway just a quick thought for the day is all. Go out and do something for you today! 

This morning after my workout I took a quick walk on the beach in front of my house… something I rarely do and need to do more! Much love to you all out there! Keep up the fitness journey my friends! 


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