Update pics, today vs. 20 years ago!!!


April 17, 2013 by 43andfatfree and RobertRoyston.net

Here are three pics… the first pic is 20 years ago, notice the belly hanging over the Belt… next two taken today on my 43rd birthday 20years later in the same shirt!!! Now mind you I am not done… still a long way to go to get to my goal but here I am 43 and fat free!!! Thanks everyone for all your support and I hope you keep checking in with 43andfatfree.com ImageImageImage

16 thoughts on “Update pics, today vs. 20 years ago!!!

  1. Stacy Hart says:

    Amazing transformation Robert! Your story is so inspiring and real: all the struggles, highs and lows that we all face with our relationship with food.

  2. Rob says:

    NIce We remember both pics. and you’re still a good guy.

  3. Rowdy says:

    Holy crap!!! Awesome man!

  4. David Moody says:

    I’m kinda glad I never knew you when you had the ‘stache.

  5. Phyllis Loya says:

    What a positive change, especially when most get heavier after 20 years. You look great and hope you had an awesome birthday. You continue to inspire.

  6. Hi Robert, as always great seeing you last weekend at IHSC. When I saw you at the pool I actually thought, wow, you’re really looking great! So much so that I mentioned it to my ladies as I walked away that you’ve lost weight and look great! Congrats, we do notice : )

  7. Bryan Purtell says:

    What is your ultimate goal?

    You’re looking too thin in that last picture. You’re not getting sick, are you?

    Sent from my iPad

  8. Naomi says:

    That’s unbelievable. You look younger now!!!

  9. momtaxijulie says:

    Great job, you look fantastic.

  10. Mindy Weinberg says:

    Amaaazing!!! It was a pleasure meeting you today and talking jumprope! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. -Mindy

  11. Kimmie says:

    You are AMAZING!!!

  12. DAMN… You should leave that woman (amazing though she may be….) and marry. (A fella can dream….)

  13. Alan says:

    You look great Robert. Congrats and good luck on the rest of the way 🙂

  14. Don Van Osdol (and Marie) says:

    Hey Robert! Glad I found your blog, you seem to be doing a boffo performance on weight loss/muscle gain–congrats! You originally posted three versions of the shirt–the one with lattice work down the sides seems to have disappeared. Anyway, I shared the URL with Butch Phillips and he said he remembered all three versions (as well as which relative-I’ve forgotten-did the alterations)!!! Best regards to Nicola and you, hope to cross paths soon at an event.

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