The Camera on my Phone!!


April 7, 2015 by 43andfatfree and

IMG_8208typed this awhile ago and forgot to post!!!

I have missed you all and will be posting more in the up and coming months!!

Just another tool that has helped my weight journey

So, Body dysmorphia and Selfies YES Selfies

The definition is:

“Pathological preoccupation with an imagined or slight physical defect of ones body to the point of causing stress or behavioral impairment in several areas (as in work or personal relationships)”

OK so what does that mean to me?? Well some days I wake up and still see the fat guy in the mirror! Yes I really do… I think “OMG I’ve done nothing with my body, I look the same!” I know I know… it’s not true and the smaller clothes I wear should prove it. But there are days I feel like I will never win this fight and to make matters worse when you feel like your not going to win the fat fight you just say F’it and go eat!!

So what have I done? Selfies! That’s right standing in front of the mirror and taking a picture. Some people think it vain, ego driven and all kinds of other negative attachments. But I now have found that I can go back and look at past pics and see the difference. Also I try to take the same pic at about the same time of day and hope for the same lighting every time so that I can track the progress. Also when I look in the mirror and feel like I’m failing I pull up an old selfie and breathe before I go hit IHOP or Burger King. You friends will tell you look great even after 5lbs… hell they told you you looked great before you lost any weight. But the camera can become… wait for it… your friend. Scary for people who have weight issues to believe the one thing they have always avoided, pictures of themselves, is the thing that can help keep you on track. Just keep them to yourself. HAHAHA unless you start a blog then post away J

Anyway Dysmorphia is a real thing and can happen on very serious levels, much more serious then it has ever affected me. But if you find yourself having lost some weight and then wake up look in the mirror and think… “What happened its back overnight” Well having some selfies of you before the weight loss can dramatically help. It worked for me and maybe it can work for you. I hope you continue with your journey to great health and fitness and as always

Your friend


2 thoughts on “The Camera on my Phone!!

  1. Stephanie Forand says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It is exactly what I need. I lost 37 lbs last year and was doing great keeping it off until I moved to the Denver area in March and started commuting 45 minutes to and from work. I took the HR job I always wanted at a restaurant company and there is always food around. I have found it tough getting back into the diet and routine I had in Dallas. I never took one selfie of my progress and now I wish I had. I recall reaching my goal only to think I was still the same, just as you described. I am inspired to get back on track and start with selfies to note my progress. Would you offer some quick food suggestions in a future post? I’ve got palette fatigue for many of the things I ate last year and I’m having trouble wanting to eat them again. Thank you again for sharing your progress, thoughts, and ideas.

    • 43andfatfree says:

      Im working on a bew food list for sure! There are some of my favorites in past posts! But in the next few days I will post more!! Keep it up and hope to see you thia weekend

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